iPad use in UK Higher Education

As I am a member of the Association for Learning Technology (and even have my CMALT!), I am involved in the ALT mailing list. A few days ago, someone asked what use of iPads is happening amongst the higher education institutions of the UK. Of course I mentioned our project, Places, which is evaluating the use of iPads in two distance learning masters programmes of the University of Leicester.

How I use my iPad – Nathan Huneke from Manchester Medical School on Vimeo.

Several other uses of iPads emerged from the email discussion:

Imperial CollegeĀ  Business School gave out over 650 iPads to MSc and MBA students as part of a move to seamless learning via paperless delivery. Article here:


700 students who used iPads at Manchester Medical School, not yet written up and published, but here is a qualitative view (the video in this blog is from this Vimeo channel:


From Msc Intl Business at Leeds University Business School, the website now includes a first, mid-semester evaluation of what we have done so far with iPads:


And Networked Learning Technologies in Art and Design:


I am sure there are many more. If you are aware of an iPad or other tablet use in Higher Education or Further Education in the UK, please leave a comment and let us know!

Terese Bird, Learning Technologist, University of Leicester