iPad use in UK Higher Education

As I am a member of the Association for Learning Technology (and even have my CMALT!), I am involved in the ALT mailing list. A few days ago, someone asked what use of iPads is happening amongst the higher education institutions of the UK. Of course I mentioned our project, Places, which is evaluating the use of iPads in two distance learning masters programmes of the University of Leicester.

How I use my iPad – Nathan Huneke from Manchester Medical School on Vimeo.

Several other uses of iPads emerged from the email discussion:

Imperial College  Business School gave out over 650 iPads to MSc and MBA students as part of a move to seamless learning via paperless delivery. Article here:


700 students who used iPads at Manchester Medical School, not yet written up and published, but here is a qualitative view (the video in this blog is from this Vimeo channel:


From Msc Intl Business at Leeds University Business School, the website now includes a first, mid-semester evaluation of what we have done so far with iPads:


And Networked Learning Technologies in Art and Design:


I am sure there are many more. If you are aware of an iPad or other tablet use in Higher Education or Further Education in the UK, please leave a comment and let us know!

Terese Bird, Learning Technologist, University of Leicester


2 thoughts on “iPad use in UK Higher Education

  1. IHE 2014: First International Conference on the use of iPads in Higher Education – http://ipadsinhe.org/ – IHE is the world’s first international research conference about iPad use in Higher Education (HE). You are invited to join scholars, learning technologists and practitioners from across the globe to share insights into teaching practice and student learning in an interdisciplinary and collaborative interchange of experience. The conference seeks to provide a common forum for the varied forms of research on the use of iPads HE, and to explore innovative models of learning using the iPad.

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